Freshen the Air in Your Home with Duct Cleaning and Filtration Systems

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A-1 Heating & Cooling offers full HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair for residents of Lower Salem, OH. From humidification systems, to new HVAC installation, we have what you need to have a fully functioning heating or cooling system. Contact A-1 Heating & Cooling today for service on the following equipment:

A-1 Heating & Cooling proudly serves Lower Salem, OH, and the surrounding areas of Washington County. Reach out today for more information on our HVAC services or for a free estimate on new equipment.

A-1 Heating & Cooling Offers Expert Duct Installation

A-1 Heating & Cooling offers new duct installation for homes in Lower Salem, OH, and the surrounding areas. Sometimes the heating or cooling problem is not the HVAC equipment, but actually older, damaged ductwork. Ductwork, while long lasting, deteriorates over time, causing cracks, holes, and overall decay. These cracks can allow air to slip through, and can also welcome unwanted pests and bacteria to enter your home. Ductwork can last up to 20 years, but it is best to replace it before the damage costs you more in high energy bills and pest problems. Call A-1 Heating & Cooling today at (304) 485-0024 for more information on new duct installation in Lower Salem, OH.

Keep Air Fresh Year-Round with an Air Filtration System

While most homeowners want to believe that the air in their home is clean, those who spend most of their time inside face air that is five times worse than what is outside. A-1 Heating & Cooling installs AccuClean™ air filtration systems for homes in Lower Salem, OH. These systems are certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America as they remove most allergens from the air. Homeowners can keep filters clean and in working order by simply vacuuming them. Keep air fresh and clean for your family by installing an air filtration system today.