Improve Air Quality with Air Purifiers & Humidifiers in Parkersburg, WV

A-1 Heating & Cooling Installs AccuClean™ Air Filtration Systems

A-1 Heating & Cooling installs AccuClean™ air filtration systems in homes and businesses throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley. Ductwork is a home for dust, dander, mold, and other allergens, which causes them to constantly blow back into the air in your home. Air filtration systems are great ways to most allergens from re-entering the air. These systems are known to improve indoor air quality and help those with allergies and asthma breathe easier.

If you are looking to enhance the air quality in your home, call A-1 Heating & Cooling today at (304) 485-0024 for an estimate.

Benefits of Installing an Air Filter in Your Parkersburg-Area Home

When looking into ways to improve indoor air quality in Parkersburg, WV, one of the best ways is to install an air filter in your ductwork. The benefits of an AccuClean air filter include, but are not limited to:

  • Easy cleaning
  • Eliminates over 99 percent of bacteria & allergens
  • Eliminates smells that linger in the home (food, smoke, etc.)
  • Decreases outside pollutants, asbestos, and gas
  • Increases air circulation
  • Approved by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

Keep your home a safe space for all residents by installing an AccuClean air filtration system today. A-1 Heating & Cooling proudly serves Parkersburg, WV; Vienna, WV; Ravenswood, WV; and the surrounding areas.

"Breathe cleaner, fresher air in your home"

Special price now thru May $699 Installed, Regular price is $850
AccuClean Whole House Air Filtration system

A-1 Heating & Cooling Offers Humidifier Installation in Vienna, WV

While keeping your home warm and comfortable in the winter is top priority, it is important to consider how dry air affects your health. Dry air can cause dry skin and affect your sinuses. It also poorly affects furniture and increases your energy bills, as the thermostat may be set too high. By installing a humidifier, your home will feel warmer at a lower temperature, saving you money and adding some moisture back into the air. Contact A-1 Heating & Cooling today to learn more about what a humidifier can do for your Vienna-area home